Voltron Therapeutics, Inc., a Laidlaw Venture Partners Portfolio Company Announces Selection of Therapeutic Targets for Immuno-Oncology Program

Targets selected to target a wide range of important cancers 

Voltron Therapeutics, Inc, a Laidlaw Venture Partners portfolio company, today announced it has selected three initial cancer targets and pre-clinical protocols for its VaxCelerate self-assembling vaccine (SAV) platform, in the immuno-oncology (IO) setting. These studies utilize updated constructs, based on prior testing as well as recent scientific developments, in order to identify the best balance of immune responses for targeting and treatment of various cancers.  

Prior preclinical studies have evaluated the self- assembling vaccine, which consists of an immune activating MTBhsp70-avidin component and an antigen targeting biotinylated immunogenic peptides, for its impact on immune response relative to controls or peptides alone.  Results have demonstrated that the SAV construct significantly increased both helper and cytotoxic T cell responses to the vaccine targeted antigens, when compared to controls. These proof-of-concept efforts utilizing the SAV platform will drive continued development of both oncology and infectious disease targeted vaccines. 

 To this point, all work, operational approaches and findings at Voltron support our efforts to develop tumor associated antigen targeting SAV’s for cancer,” said Dr. Mark Poznansky, Director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). “In addition to oncology specific pre-clinical work, many of the things that we have learned about the development of vaccines for pandemic viruses are directly relevant and leverageable to cancer vaccine development.”  

Additionally, Voltron has evidence to support the use of the SAV in conjunction with a number of immune modulators, including anti-PD1 agents, as well as various chemotherapeutic agents. 

“Voltron is excited to move three of our novel I/O vaccines into separate pre-clinical studies focused on HPV E6/E7, nectin and PSCA expression, respectively,” said Pat Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer, Voltron Therapeutics, Inc. “We have taken exceptional science and pressure tested it with a very rigorous clinical and regulatory assessment process. I am delighted with how Voltron’s multifunctional team integrated the outstanding research from the VIC, our internal development and operating group and TD2, our CRO partner, to identify ideal patient populations and optimize the ultimate targeting peptide selection and protocols.  We aim to file an IND for at least one cancer indication in mid – 2022.” 

Once validated, many cancer types can be targeted with each of these tumor associated antigens.  Voltron’s focus will be on providing a new option for difficult to treat cancers where high unmet need exists. 

“We are thrilled to support this innovative platform and delighted by the opportunity to partner with the novel immunomodulatory medicines, developed by the VIC, to advance Voltron’s therapeutic program,” said Dr. Stephen Gately, President and CEO of TD2. “The team took a collaborative approach to prioritize targets while leveraging TD2’s extensive experience in immuno-oncology to help guide the preclinical, regulatory and clinical strategy to focus on patients most likely to get clinical benefit.” 

James Ahern, Founding Partner, Laidlaw Venture Partners added, “We are in a very exciting time of growth for Laidlaw Venture Partner’s portfolio companies. Formalizing our path forward in immuno-oncology today creates value for our shareholders and stakeholders and significant potential treatment solutions/options for patients. This is another testament to the quality of the companies we continue to incubate, the operating teams we establish and the unique investment opportunities they present to our clients. We will continue to fully vet new opportunities moving forward, focusing on our ability to add value for our companies and investors.” 


About Voltron Therapeutics, Inc.

Voltron Therapeutics, Inc., a Delaware corporation, was founded in 2017 to lead and accelerate the development of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC), and the Massachusetts General Hospital’s novel Self Assembling Vaccine technology in a variety of indications, including in Oncology and emerging Infectious Diseases.  The VaxCelerate platform was developed to improve patient outcomes by activating and targeting the immune system to identify and destroy the infectious agent. Voltron holds an exclusive worldwide license to this technology. Through the work of our world class team of researchers and physicians and the development expertise of our clinical operations and development teams, this technology has shown in certain pre-clinical studies initial proof of concept in two infectious diseases (Lassa Fever and COVID-19) as well as one oncology indication (Ovarian Cancer). For more information, please visit www.voltrontx.com.

About Translational Drug Development (TD2) 

TD2 is a leader in precision oncology, providing innovative services for improved drug development. Using a dedicated, expert team with broad experience and understanding in cancer medicine, TD2 is uniquely positioned to support accelerated development of novel therapeutics. Rigorous and high-throughput translational preclinical development services, combined with regulatory affairs expertise, enables customized clinical trial design and execution. The broad suite of capabilities encourages the timely selection of patient populations who are most likely to benefit from a new agent, and the rapid identification of clinically significant endpoints. TD2 is committed to reducing the risks and uncertainty inherent in the drug development process with the ultimate goal of accelerating patient access to promising treatments. For more information, visit www.TD2inc.com. 


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