We bring life sciences to life

Lucius Partners provide skills and experience to create an environment for rapid growth

Who we are

Lucius Partners has assembled a veritable dream team of highly experienced executive managers and imminently skilled scientists and advisors. Our mission is to lead and grow the portfolio of Lucius Partners companies.

What we do

We provide the know-how, expertise, and managerial focus that speeds the advancement of the businesses we own and manage. At the same time, we are constantly evaluating new technology and new companies to add diversity and growth to the Lucius Partners portfolio of companies.

How we do it

Lucius Partners develops capital market strategies for our portfolio of companies and spearheads financing to advance their portfolio of companies. We aggressively search for new opportunities to expand the portfolio. We apply our proprietary disciplined approach focusing on the critical success factors required to advance companies to their next inflection point. Lucius Partners is the ideal financial and operational partner for other like-minded businesses.

Let’s work together

Lucius Partners creates a disciplined business environment for rapid growth