PD Theranostics, Inc., a Lucius Partners Company, Announces Key License Agreement and Provides Corporate Update

Licensing Key IP from the Massachusetts General Hospital to create improved clinical decision-making tools  

Utilizing proprietary workflows and algorithms to begin generating the data required to advance the platform technology

New York, NY April 4, 2022, — Lucius Partners, LLC today announced that its portfolio company, PD Theranostics, Inc. (PDTx), announced a corporate update and reviewed recent progress developing its theranostic platform to address unmet medical needs in important patient populations. 

First, the company reported that it has signed an agreement with the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to secure foundational intellectual property to further develop the Company’s theranostic platform. 

Additionally, PDTx is actively using analysis of prostate tissue samples to finalize the initial optimization and standardization of its proprietary prognostic imaging workflows and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.  The AI is designed to enhance interpretation of existing pathology results and provide novel predictive data to anchor and improve clinical decision-making. The unique, patient specific information, which may allow healthcare providers to better tailor treatments for their patients, is currently unavailable in clinical practice. 

Dr. Mark Poznansky, scientific co-founder of PDTx stated, “Providing novel, clinical decision-enabling data with the highest utility to pathologists and clinicians drives our research efforts.  This intellectual property will support the efforts of PDTx to accelerate and expand its science and tools to help patients receive the most appropriate treatments.  While our initial focus is on creating predictive artificial intelligence (A)I solutions in solid tumors and infections, we believe this technology has the potential to have a transformative impact on patient care in many medical conditions.”  Dr. Poznansky is also Director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center at MGH, and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. 

“PDTx continues to improve and scale our proprietary imaging AI platform by generating initial data based on prostate tissue samples.  This data will advance our identification of cellular signatures and prognostic biomarkers that could indicate various disease risks and treatments,” said Patrick Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer of PD Theranostics, Inc.  “Licensing this foundational patent from MGH will allow us to further explore the potential for AI to maximize clinical predictiveness while optimizing system flexibility to address tissue samples across multiple disease states.  Generating actionable data that is derived at the cellular level has the potential, we believe, to be a significant step toward improved patient outcomes.” 

“The Company is excited to finalize its license for this unique intellectual property,” said PDTx board of directors’ member and Lucius Partners founder James Ahern. “The patent will allow PDTx to further enhance the value of the data they generate and expand business opportunities.  We believe that our intellectual property strategy will drive the development of a broad portfolio of computational pathology applications and create shareholder value.” 

About PD Theranostics, Inc. 

PD Theranostics is developing AI guided algorithms while leveraging proprietary workflows and methods utilizing imaging-based methodologies to diagnose and guide clinical decision making around specific targeted therapies and their efficacy in human disease states, including cancer, infectious diseases and complications of diabetes including diabetic foot ulcers. Please visit www.pdtheranostics.com for more information. 

About Lucius Partners, LLC 

Lucius Partners is a consultancy that provides a broad suite of services to help healthcare companies grow, achieve milestones and generate value for their shareholders. 



Patrick Gallagher, CEO 

PD Theranostics, Inc. 



Matthew Duffy, President 

PD Theranostics, Inc.