Lucius Partners Portfolio Company AerWave Medical, Inc. Announces it Has Filed Two New Patent Applications

Further Advances IP Portfolio

Address Key Issues in Treatment of COPD & Asthma

NEW YORK, March 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lucius Partners, LLC (“LP”), today announced the filing of two new patent applications to the USPTO by its portfolio company AerWave Medical, Inc.

These patents would secure lung denervation combined with Bronchoplasty to treat Asthma and COPD and Lung Volume Reduction, a rapidly growing treatment in Pulmonology.

AerWave offers an interventional approach to treat Asthma, COPD and advanced lung disease, which addresses a significant unmet medical need. It is targeting the addressable COPD market made up of 4 million patients in the US, and the addressable Asthma market of 2.5 million patients in the US.  The Company has a seasoned, experienced executive team with a track record of value creation.

The patent applications cover certain important aspects of the company’s products:

  • The first patent application combines lung denervation with bronchioplasty utilizing the company’s ultrasound ablation technology.
  • The second covers use of ultrasound to perform lung volume reduction w/o implanting foreign materials avoiding device failures and complications and saving more viable lung tissue.

“We continue to focus on building value for our shareholders.  Developing protection for our novel products as we advance our device in testing is key to our strategy”, stated Jeff O’Donnell, AerWave Chief Executive Officer.   “These patent applications demonstrate that AerWave’s novel technology may have the potential to treat COPD and asthma in a more rapid and efficacious way than current therapeutics, benefiting the patient, doctor and healthcare system.”

“COPD and asthmatic patients worldwide need more and better treatment options than are currently available”, added Reinhard Warnking, AerWave President and Chief Technology Officer. “These two patent applications are part of our efforts to build an IP position for interventional COPD and Asthma treatments with ultrasound allowing for a safer and simpler procedure, compared to other treatment options.”

James Ahern, Founding Partner, Lucius Partners added, “Lucius Partners’ portfolio companies continue to build shareholder value.  We fully support management efforts to continue to create a valuable IP portfolio for AerWave.  Further, we will continue to identify and thoroughly vet new opportunities, focusing on our ability to add value for our companies and investors.”

About AerWave Medical, Inc.
AerWave Medical is dedicated to creating and advancing medical devices to address unmet medical needs in Pulmonary medicine and beyond, using proprietary technology developed by our highly accomplished scientists.

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